Sunday, January 4, 2009

Killing two birds with one stone

So when I visited my hometown for Christmas I went to my friends mom's house. She had a few people over. I noticed a picture of a cute young girl on her fridge in a wheel chair like device without arm rests or foot pedals(I can't quite remember the fine details). I asked who the young girl was and she said it was the grandaughter of Barb sitting in her living room. I commented to Barb that her grandaughter was so adorable and we went on talking about the little angel.

Barb said she was almost 3 years old and had Cerebral Palsy and what she was sitting on was a piece of equipment to keep her in an upright postion and she could eventually learn to push herself around with her feet. Barb went on to say that she can't hold herself up so her family takes turns holding her up so she is not laying down all the time and you could imagine how tired your arms would get holding up a three year old for an extended period of time. I said, "Wow, that chair must be perfect then!". Barb said her grandaughter got sized for the piece of equipment but she didn't have it yet. The chair costs over $9000.00 and they are not allowed to have it until it is paid for. The parents of the little girl have recieved some donations so far but not near enough to pay for the chair. I felt so bad for the family and thought if I had 9 grand to spare I would give it right then and there.

When I got home I continued on with my everyday whatevers and the new year came and went and I wrote down my goals for 2009 which is in a previous post. One of my goals was to do something extraordinary for someone special and another was to declutter my home and donate the items. I got to thinking a bit today and decided I could kill two birds with one stone and so I gathered some of the things that I would't mind parting with and took pictures of them and put them on an online classified site for my area. I figured if I go through my house and sell the items that I no longer absolutely need I could donate all of the proceeds to this family to go towards paying for this sweet little girls chair. Wish me luck!! My goal is to at least raise $300.00, I know won't pay for it all but I know any little bit will help. Who knows maybe I will be able to give them more.

On a running note. My husband suprised me today by taking me to a shoe store and he bought me a brand spankin new pair of running shoes. I am so happy!! I haven't ran with them yet but when I tried them on it was like I was on air. So it just goes to show that my current shoes I am running in are due to retire.


  1. I was wondering what your extraordinary thing was going to be...sounds like you have a great idea!

    Enjoy your new shoes!!! You deserve them. :)

  2. Thanks Sarah, I was wondering what my extraordinary thing was going to be too. lol
    I just ran with my new shoes and they are soooo much better than what I was wearing.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I bet you exceed your goal to help this little girl. And you're so lucky to have a supportive spouse-my husband supports my running habit (addiction?) as well!

  4. Thanks Tanya, I hope I exceed my goal. We are so lucky our husbands are behind us 100%.