Thursday, January 22, 2009

What the.....

Things just seem to be getting worse although I am trying to think positive. My Grandfather is gone back home to live out what is left of his life which the doctors are estimating about 7 months. I am worried about my mom and how she is dealing with this. I talk to her on the phone every day but wish we lived closer to be together. This situation puts alot of stress on a family and I feel for everyone.

Last night my own family could have died. Our oil furnace had this horrid smell and was puking out black smoke. We shut down the furnace immediately. If we were sleeping the carbon monoxide could have killed all of us. I have a CO detector but was looking online and it is not good enough. The one I have only would go off if concentrations of CO were high and by that time it would probably be too late. I didn't know that my god, I thought when I got it it would go off right away. What good is that and why the hell would they sell them if they didn't detect the smallest amount of carbon monoxide. Well I tell ya I am going to get a new one and make sure it does its job right. Furnace is no longer under warranty which really sucks and with our job loss we are not sure what our best option is right now. We managed to borrow a little space heater for our sons bedroom last night so he wouldn't freeze and we have a small electric fireplace in our basement so we made due last night. Thank goodness the -40 degree weather is over with.

I took my son out in the jogging stroller yesterday. It was really refreshing weather not too cold but chilly. The roads were a bit slushy so didn't get to do too much running, just pushing the stroller throught the slush was bringing up my heart rate enough. It was still nice to get out in the fresh air though.

It is hard not being discouraged at this time but I am very grateful we are still here, alive and well. We will break this stream of events and push on to greater things. I see sunshine and lollipops right around the corner.

Love will keep us together


  1. Yes, definitely get a new monitor. We had a carbon monoxide leak this past summer...and the hot water heater was only 7 years old. We had to call the fire was quite the scene. God only knows what would have happenned if we did not have the monitor.
    We have one now that only beeps at higher levels, but has a digital readout of the exact number. So...even if it is not high enough to trigger the alarm, you can still see if there is any carbon monoxide by looking at the screen.

  2. Looks like you have a bit of bad luck lately. Keep that chin up.