Friday, January 30, 2009

Are things starting to turn around?

Feeling pretty good today. I have been editing my resume the past few days and making a killer cover letter for this job post I found. I went and applied for the job today and 2 hours later got called to go in for an interview on Monday. I am very excited and confident I will get the job although trying not to get my hopes up too high just in case.

I have to tell you, lately when I have been feeling down and sluggish I make myself get out there and do my run and as soon as the first couple minutes are over I feel a ton better. When I get home I feel refreshed and ready to carry on. It is quite amazing how much I really don't feel like doing it but as soon as I get past that one point I am a totally different person.(ya I know I am a bit crazy but whatever)

Grandfather is getting worse as the days go by but am handling it alot better now. I have come to terms with the fact that he is going to be gone sooner than we thought. That is just how life goes sometimes. If I can get this job then I will be able to have enough money to travel up to see my grandfather and spend some quality time with him which I think he and I both need right now.

Wish me luck everyone. I will let you know how everything goes on Monday. I wish you all the very best weekend!!


  1. Good luck on your interview!!! I am looking forward to hearing your good news on Monday!

  2. Cross my fingers on the job...
    The first 1/2 mile kills me when I run- after that I'm good!

  3. I'll be thinking of you Monday-I hope it works out for you!