Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new day.

This week has been craaaazzy. I got the job pretty much on the spot. I am pretty excited. My first day is tomorrow. I will be assisting the residents with medications, personal hygiene, housekeeping and other odd jobs.

The night before my interview I got a call that the doctor told my family that my grandfather only had a few days to live. So I was so bothered and almost didn't go to my interview and travelled straight to my family. The only thing that kept me home was that I had to pick up my other uncle at the airport and bring him with me. I managed to get through the interview fine and the boss wanted me to start work right away. I felt so horrible to need some time off right away but I explained the situation and she told me not to worry and to just start fresh on Monday. What a relief! So I got to spend the week at the hospital with my family and my grandfather and I told him what I needed to and he told me what he needed to. I feel so much better that I got to spend some time with him. I am ready to let go now any time he is ready.

After the rush and emotions of this week I didn't go for one run. I didn't want to make the time my days were filled already.

A new day starts tomorrow. I am leaving all stress and anxiety behind and am pushing forward towards my purpose. I am going to run and be thankful I have the ability to run. I am grateful for every breath I take. May I be great at everything I do.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow!!

    It is good that you got to go see your grandfather and get some closure. You and your family are in my prayers.