Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh no I have a cold

I ran on Sunday even though I was feeling a little under the weather. It was so windy out but I did my 40 minute run and managed to get 4.4km in so I was happy enough with that. I am slow but I am steady and I still feel great after my run. The weather is getting nicer finally and the snow is G.O.N.E. wooohooo

So today was a rest day and I am sure glad because I have a full blown crappy cold. I hope I feel better by tomorrow because I promised I would run 3 times this week. It seems like a struggle to run 3 times a week lately. When I do run though it is so great, I feel so good about myself. I have a tendency to make sure everyone else in my family is taken care of first before myself and then in the end I don't get to go run. Running is the only thing that I get to do for me so I have to make time for it no matter what.

I got on the scale last week and was not shocked that I was up about 7 lbs weighing in at 149lbs. I felt it and knew I have been eating out of my element the last month or so. Weighing myself was just to kick my butt in gear and get back to my regular me. So it happened I am back in gear and ready to lose. This week I am down 3lbs ....Yahooooooo.

So here are my goals for the rest of April and May
-Lose 6 more lbs
-cut out the late night snacks
-Drink more water and eat healthier
-Purchase a child seat for my bike so my son and I can get some biking in
-Run a great 5K in hopefully less than 45min and make my online running buddies proud

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Late night snacking is also my downfall. I am so busy the rest of the day that when I finally sit down at night I want to snack!