Friday, April 3, 2009

4 weeks until 5k

Feeling good today, except I don't think I will be running outdoors. It is raining and dark outside, a bit intimidating for me so I will make use of my treadmill this afternoon.

My 5K is in 4 weeks I just can't believe how fast the time flew by. I am feeling a lot more confident in my running now thank god. I have been taking it really slow but my coach gave me the go ahead to step it up a little so I am excited about that. I will be going for a 30 min run on sunday so I am curious as to how far that run will be. It seems like just yesterday I was running for only 1min intervals and huffing and puffing. I am so very glad I have such great people rooting for me here online.

I weighed myself today and was very scared to see the number on the scale. Lately food has been my comfort and I knew that I would have to pay for it on the scale once my pity party was over but I didn't care at the time. So anyways I got on the scale and to my suprise was at 144 lbs which is awesome since I usually vary between 140 and 142 so only a two pound weight gain. Good thing I kept training for my 5k through all of my boo hooing.

Gotta go to work so I will check in again later.


  1. You came come so far with your running...I am sure that you will be ready in 4 weeks. Keep up the good work!

  2. Can't wait for the race report!!!! :) Go get em!!

  3. You are going to ROCK at the race. I hope you have someone there to take pictures as you cross the finish line! You really are doing very well, keep up the good work.