Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Night shift...yuck

I haven't ran since Sunday(three days) because working night shift has finally caught up to me. I am so exhausted and can't sleep during the day so I figure trying to get out and run is pointless. Although I am done nights now so I can get back to my running schedule.

I am going out of town this weekend to a stag and doe so of course there is going to be some cocktails involved, I just hope it doesn't slow me down to much in my training. I have 25 days left until the race now.

Thanks Tanya for rooting for me!!! You know what... I don't know if anyone is going to come to my race to support me and take pictures. It is not as important to everyone here as it is to me. This is such a huge ordeal for me, actually running the 5k is going to be a huge accomplishment. I just hope I can improve my time in the next few weeks.


  1. We are all rooting for you!

    I have gotten used to going to races alone. My husband stays home with the kids and we have no family who live near us, so it is always just me. It would be nice to have somethere there at the end, but I guess it comes down to the fact that this is something I am doing for me. Each time I cross the finish line is another accomplishment and it is special, even if there is no one there cheering for me. I look at it this way so I don't get bummed out when I see other people with family members around. :)

    YOu are doing so well with your running. 25 days will be plenty.

  2. As Sarah said, you are indeed doing very well in your training. Running a race is huge and I think you're going to enjoy it very much. If no one is there to take pictures, you can do what I did at my first race when I forgot to take my camera-I found the guy who was taking the official pictures for the website and asked him to get some pictures of me. He did and I downloaded them from the website. You've got lots of time for improvement, you are going to rock this race!