Monday, December 29, 2008

Taking the good with the Bad

Christmas Holiday was all in all a good one. Santa bought me a Wii and Wii fit!! I know I am spoiled. Little love was spoiled to of course, tons of toys and clothes from family and friends. Had nice visits with both families, still exercised and only gained two pounds throughout the whole thing!!

The downfall was we got home our vehicle that love uses for work wouldn't start and we had to buy a new starter for it. Thank god my love is mechanically inclined or it would have cost an arm and a leg. We get inside and our kitchen sink is clogged and backing up in the tub and bathroom sink and then finally I go downstairs and it was flooded. Last but not least,(drumroll please) My love hurt his back and is now off work for lord knows how long.

But I am grateful for so much and feel like everything is going to be ok. Vehicle is fixed, drains are fixed, mopped up the basement, we just have to work on healing loves back.

Phew Breath in, Breath out

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