Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Need to get in the Spirit of Christmas!!

Ok I don't know what has happened but as I get older Christmas seems like more of a chore. Shopping is just not my thing and half of the time I don't know what to get someone.
I will admit, I do love shopping for children because it is just so easy and I get excited for them. Dislike shopping for adults though unless it is for my love because he is easy to buy for. I bought him a track for his sled this year and was so excited I gave it to him early. I know what fun is that but I couldn't help it haha. Once my son is old enough to understand the concept I think I will get back in the spirit.
Time just flies by and I only put up half of my decorations, didn't even put up my tree. We were supposed to spend Christmas at our camp so we were going to set up the tree there and then my love has been working so much we haven't been there to decorate. I really hope we are able to get there through the holidays.
I have about 99% of my shopping done and am very happy with that but won't be able to relax until I am totally finished.
My love's boss told him he could have two weeks off at Christmas so we made a whole bunch of plans and now his boss renegged and he doesn't even know what the holiday schedule is. That is just frustrating. I am trying to be positive but it is hard when everyone else is not in the Christmas spirit either.
Ok I am going to go make some herbal tea and put on some Christmas tunes and get into the spirit.
As for running, It is going to be hard to get motivated over the holidays because I won't have my treadmill, but my beginners program is pretty easy so I really have no excuse, I just need someone to watch the boy while I go because bringing his stroller out in this snow will be impossible.
Ya,right, tea and christmas music here I come!!!

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