Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My update

Well I have to admit, I lost sight of what life is all about. A few things have happened in my life recently to firstly scare the beep out of me and help me get my priorities straight.

I have been neglecting so many areas of my life the past few months that I don't even know why I am doing it all. So I made sure I took the weekend to think things through and had some nice long talks with my husband. He is so wonderful to me. The past little while I have not been myself and I know it is due to my job therefore he said he supports me 100% that I get out of that situation and quit my job. It will be hard financially again but worth it for my health. So I gave my notice and will be done at the end of the month. I also lost sight in what I was trying to achieve for myself in my running. I ran for the first time in two weeks today and it felt WONDERFUL!! I can't let myself get down to the point that I lose what I have worked so hard for. Running sets me free, it makes me proud. I am not giving up now.

So in order for me to keep my running commitment to myself I involved my neighbour. She wants to start a running program so we are going to run together 3 days a week. I am so excited.

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  1. Welcome back! I was wondering what had happened to you! Have fun running with your friend!