Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ya I am still alive.

So I was pretty busy adjusting to a brand new life in the past 12 months and the good news is my husband, son and I are doing well. I have put my own needs and running on hold for my family but am now ready to get back at it.

We have had some struggles with our sons health, totally changed our way of eating and we try to buy organic products as much as possible. Both my husband and I have changed careers in that time as well so everything seemed overwhelming but in the end it was worth every second.

I am a little disappointed that I have to start from square one again with my jogging but at least I know what to expect now. One good thing is that I weigh a bit less than I did last time. So I need your help to get me motivated and share stories with.

Feelin good and lovin life.

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